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Jack and Bob-arm amputated

Jack is walking down the street, just out of the hospital after having his right arm amputated. He’s depressed to the point of desperation, crying, talking to himself, thinking about suicide. He can’t bear the thought of life without his arm. Suddenly he sees Bob walking towards him, skipping and smiling. When he gets closer, Jack sees that Bobis actually laughing out loud. What is most amazing to Jack is that Bob is carrying on like this despite the fact that not just one, but both of his arms have been amputated.
So Jack stops Bob, who continues to snicker and smile. Jack says, "Bob, I don’t understand you. I’m desperate, I’m even thinking about killing myself, all because I’ve had one arm amputated. You've had both your arms cut off and here you are smiling and laughing like an idiot. In your condition, how can you be so happy?"
Bob replies, "Jack, if you’d had both of your arms cut off, like I did, and your ass was itching like crazy, you’d be laughing too"

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