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Jack and Ivan-bicycle

Jack and Ivan decided to move out of the small town they grew up in, and
start a new life in a big city. The only problem they had was how do they
get there?! They didn’t own a car and neither did anyone else in the town.
The bus wouldn’t come by their way, and the train was a long way away
from where they were standing. Both of them grew incredibly miserable,
and thought their most wonderful plan was ruined, until- Jack came up
with an idea:

They were going to borrow Ivan’s bycicle, and while one rode the other
would walk, and they would do that all the way to the Big City.

The next day they were packed and ready to leave. It was Jack’s turn first
so Jack sat on Ivan’s bike, and started riding. Behind him Ivan strode

Out of nowhere, a policeman Boby stopped Jack and gave him a ticket,
“You don’t have a horn; that’s $500.”

Jack smiled.

“You don’t have any brakes, that’s another $500.”

Jack kept smiling and started to giggle.

“What the Hell are you happy for?!” exclaimed the policeman Boby, “You have a
$1000 fine, and you don’t care?!”

“No, it’s not that officer! I feel bad for Ivan, he has nothing! Not even a
bike! How much will he have to pay then?! Hahahaha!”

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