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Jack-grocery store

Jack decideds to go to the grocery store and asks the clerk,
"are you lending any carrots"?
'No, come back tommorow' repleid the clerk.
Jack comes back the following day, asks if there are any carrots, and the clerk tells him ' no, come back tomorow'.
So Jack keeps on comming back to the store, every day, asking if the clerk had any carrots to lend him since Jack forgot how to grow carrots, until one day, the clerk told him,
' if you come back here one more time and annoy me agian, I'll 'pin' you up on the wall."
So Jack comes back, agian, and ask if the clerk could 'lend' him some carrots. As soon as he knew it, the clerk pinns Jack on the wall and doesnot let him down.
On the wall Jack notices a picture of George Bush,
and asks the picture,
'my George, did you ask for carrots too?'

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