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O Lola,Lola

Bob comes to Jack's house and rings the bell. Few seconds after that Jack's wife Lola come out.
Bob: Hi, Lola. Is Jack at home.
Lola: No, he isn't.
Bob: May I come in.
Lola: Of course, Would you like some coffee.
Bob: No, thanks, but I would really like to kiss you.
Lola: You are out of your mind. I'm married with Jack.
Bob: I know, but anyway I would really like to kiss you. So much that I'm willing to pay for it. I'll pay you 200$ if I may kiss you.
Lola is shocked, but she is already making a calculation in her mind: 200$, for one kiss. That is a lot of money, it should be enough at least for new pair of shoes.
Lola: But Bob, I'm married, Jack will kill us both.
Bob: He will never find out. It's just one kiss.
Lola: O.K., but give me money first.
Bob pays Lola for the kiss and he kisses her.
Bob: God, this was good. May I touch you too?
Lola: You are crazy. I'm married women and Jack is your friend and partner at work.
Bob: I'll give you 300$. Just for one touch. For one double touch.
Lola: O.K. But don't tell Jack about it.
Bob pays her money and touch her.
Bob: Oh, Lola, now I would like to make love with you.
Lola: No way. I'm married woman and my husband is your best friend and you're working mate. He will kill as if he finds out even for kiss.
Bob: But I'll give you 500$. So all together you will have 1000$.
Lola: Really? A 1000$. But you will love me only once.
Bob: Only once i promise.
Bob gives her the rest of the money,loves her and goes home.
Not a half of hour later Jack, Lola's husband, comes home:
Jack: Hi, Lola, how are you. Is something new.
Lola: Nothing special.
Jack: What about Bob, did he come around today?
Lola blushed: Yes, he did.
Jack: Oh, how nice of him. Did he bring my salary.

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