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Jack and Bob -bar

Jack and Bob are sitting in a bar and they see Lola enter. She is wearing a very short skirt and when she sits on the bar stool, Jack and Bob are tryng to sneak a peek undeneath. They are excited by what they see: Jack:"Bob, do you see something greenish underneath there?" Bob:"Yes, Lola muct be wearing green panties." Jack:"No, I think she dyed her hair green." Bob:"Nah, they're panties." Jack:" wanna bet?" Bob:"OK, let's ask her." Bob:"Lola, me and Jack have a bet going and we really need to know, are you wearing green panties or did you dye your pubic hair green?" Lola:"Oh, it's not the panties or the hair, it's that time of the month so the lice got fatter."

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